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From Book 1: The time of change in the world has come when Will turns sixteen and discovers he was born without the magical restraints that have bound his people to their mountain for centuries. Armed with the ability to pass through the ancient barrier surrounding the Mount of Fallow, Will leaves everything and everyone he has ever known to seek a way to free his people.

Will believes his mission will be simple, but as the truth about his people’s captivity begins to emerge, a startling revelation throws his plans into turmoil: the land’s rightful King, held prisoner by the Empire for centuries, has chosen Will to be the catalyst for his rebellion.

Now, to save his people, Will must first find the King. But not even his mysterious new abilities can protect him from the Empire, which is determined to prevent knowledge of Will's people's power from spreading. If Will fails, it will cost him his life, but more than that the Rebellion will fail.

Redemption Duology 2 Book Set

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